Meet our Principal, Faculty and Staff

Mark Bugbee- Principal / Grade 1-8 Teacher

Mark Bugbee is the teacher and principal at the Berkshire Hills Christian School. Mark Bugbee has taught at BHCS for over fifteen years, having taught grades 1-4 from 1999-2004, and since 2005 he has taught grades 1-8, and served as the school principal. Mr. Bugbee has taught in Christian schools for over eighteen years.

Mr. Bugbee graduated from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in 1998 with a B.A. in interdisciplinary studies, a minor in biology and a Massachusetts certification for teaching grades k-6. He earned his professional certification from the North American Division, and graduated with a M.E. with a focus in administration from Atlantic Union College in 2007.

Mr. Bugbee enjoys teaching in all the subject areas, but especially math, science and physical education. He has used his interests and expertise in these subjects to direct science fairs, conference wide outdoor school and sports days. Mr. Bugbee loves to inspire his students in learning both in and outside of the classroom, but most of all he loves to help students achieve the highest potential, and come to know the Jesus, Master teacher, who will teach them and guide them forever.

Susan Bugbee- Teacher’s Aide / Substitute Teacher

Susan Bugbee has taught students at home, at school and in the church for more than twenty five years. She has served as the teacher’s aide, teaching grades 1-4, and a substitute teacher at Berkshire Hills School since 1999.

Mrs. Bugbee attended Essex Agricultural College where she majored in Conservation. She worked as a park ranger and supervisor for the state of Massachusetts for almost ten years. This is where she developed her infectious love for nature and the outdoors that she freely passes on to her students.

Mrs. Bugbee is not only a teacher to the students, but a great friend and mentor. Her care and concern are evident in her lessons and her interactions with them both within and out side the classroom setting. 

Ruth Suriner- Subsitute Teacher

Mrs. Suriner has been educating students since she started teaching at Berkshire Hills in 1970. She has since taught as a substitute, and has led in Sabbath school and  in the Pathfinder Club as a counselor and as a club director. Mrs. Suriner’s knowledge and experience as well as her great love for our students makes her a valuable part of the Berkshire Hills team.

Pastor Dennis Farley

Pastor Dennis Farley serves not only as our local church Pastor, but also as a spiritual mentor and teacher to the students at Berkshire Hills School. Pastor brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our school having been an elementary school teacher and principal before he became a pastor. Pastor Farley’s love for Jesus and our students is demonstrated in his weekly chapel visits and weeks of spiritual focus.

Mrs. Nancy Dixon – Music Teacher

Mrs. Nancy Dixon teaches choir and chimes at Berkshire Hills. She has introduced our students to instruments as varied as the recorder and the guitar. Besides challenging our students to learn and perform musical selections for church and in Christian service venues, Mrs. Dixon instructs our students about composers, classical music and music theory.